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As of 01.11.2013, Cumhuriyet newspaper, which is the same age as the Republic of Turkey, has opened its newspaper archive to the use of its readers. Later, in line with the suggestions and requests from the readers, it combined the daily newspaper and the archive system and offered it to the readers under a single roof.

In line with some examinations and investigations, this service is provided within the framework of both individual and corporate e-newspaper subscriptions.

In this sense, Cumhuriyet newspaper, which has reflected every stage of the Republican period without interruption, has a natural archive and library feature.

Within the scope of corporate e-newspaper subscription;

  • Users will be able to use the system from the defined IP addresses to be given by you, without the need for user login, without any limit at the same time. (In this way, all your personnel will be able to easily access the system for reading purposes.)
  • Users can both read the daily newspaper and view the archive until 1930.
  • In the archive system, besides the daily editions of Cumhuriyet newspaper until 1930, there are also newspaper supplements. *
  • In the daily newspaper and archive system, users can see the newspaper and its supplements page by page in PDF format, or on the basis of clippings/articles if they wish.
  • 1 super user authorization is defined for the person or unit to be authorized by you. (The user with super authority has the right to download the number of clippings and/or pages defined in PDF format from the archive.)
  • Pages in PDF format are high resolution and suitable for printing.

* Newspaper pages before 1930 will also be added in PDF format in accordance with the original edition in the coming period.

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